Tours in Calafate: Perito Moreno Glacier and other ice excursions

Patagonia Argentina Tours in El Calafate

There are several possibilities for excursions in Perito Moreno Glacier and other ice excursions near Calafate. Below we describe the best tours to do in Calafate:

Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier

Located 80 km from Calafate. You can reach the area with an exclusive tour of 01Argentina Travel agency. This prestigious travel agency of Argentina offers group tours every day to enjoy the glacier.
The Perito Moreno can be seen and enjoyed from walkways that were expanded and remodeled in 2008, in total there are 4000 meters, offering different angles to appreciate the impressive mass of ice.
Anyone looking for a better approximation can hire one of the short sailings bordering the glacier faces in south and in north. There are rides every one or two hours.
To feel this freak of nature really closely, the traditional excursion is minitrekking, which crosses the lake Rico by boat and then walk on the glacier for two hours, with the help of crampons. It is of moderate difficulty, and therefore suitable for people oloder than 10 and younger of 65 years old. During the minitrekking over the Perito Moreno Glacier it is possible to see various ice formations and an incredible range of shades of blue. The finishing touch is a glass of whiskey that is taken with an ice from glacier to celebrate this amazing experience.

But the adventurous spirits who want to go further and find even more views of the glacier, can sign up for the excursion Big Ice. You will have to prove previously your level of physical training because you will be required to walk on the ice for 3 hours. During the adventure you will discover deep cracks, sinkholes, caves and blue lagoons. Of course, it is essential to wear suitable warm and waterproof clothing, good hiking shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen to prevent damage from the sun reflecting off the ice. The organizers of this tour don’t allow people over 45 years.

Visit to the Spegazzini, Onelli and Upsala glacier. (All glaciers boat trip)

To have a clear idea of the size of the park and its glaciers, the ideal is to make at least a boat trip. It has a totally different point of view of the Perito Moreno. You will travel the northern arm of Lake Argentino and into the bays formed by glaciers Spegazzini, Onelli and Upsala. In the Bay Onelli you will descend from the boat in order to have lunch and you will trek through the woods to the lake Onelli, , Agazzis and Bolado. This excursion can be taken all year long and it has got a full day duration.

Tour Estancia Cristina

Combine water and land with this amazing adventure in Patagonia. You will depart from Punta Bandera by boat and you will go up to the northern arm of Lake Argentino and Upsala channel to reach the western wall of the glacier of the same name. Then continue by Cristina arm and around noon you will land in the Estancia Cristina, the place with best land access to the Upsala Glacier and Ice Cap. In the Estancia (Ranch) you can go trekking or horseback, and also enjoy lunch and a visit to Patagonia small museum. It is also possible to stay there, in luxury.

Cruise Mar Patag

Mini Cruise for two days and a night that allows maximum privacy with glaciers. This cruise departs from Punta Bandera and runs through the northern arm of Lake Argentino, then takes the Upsala Channel, sailing among icebergs and approaches the homonymous glacier. The sunset is enjoyed in front of the Spegazzini glacier and finally you will spend the night in Puesto Vacas. In the morning, you can navigate the Iceberg Canal up to the front of the Perito Moreno and have lunch in Bahia Alemana to return to Punta Bandera afternoon.

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