All glaciers boat trip

All Glaciers boat trip is an excursion that starts at Puerto Bandera, 50 km. away from El Calafate, and it will go through the heart of Glacier National Park. It is the typical boat trip to be included in a vacation Package in Calafate.

Vacation Packages in Calafate

Vacation Packages in Calafate

The boat trip goes through Lake Argentino taking you along the North Arm through the Boca del Diablo which is the narrowest point of the lake. Throughout the tour you will see incredible scenery and variety of shapes and colors, in the huge icebergs that break off the majestic Glacier Upsala which is the largest glacier in the National Park. After passing through the front of the glaciers you will sail to Puerto Las Vacas in the Onelli Bay.

There the catamaran stops for 3 hours

all glacier boat trip

All glacier boat trip

to make a 800-meter walk through a forest with trees of Patagonian Lengas and Ñires until Lake Onelli. There you can marvel with the glaciers Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz and Heim, that give the lake small icebergs that cross it to its mouth on the Rio Onelli.

At times the return is made entering the channel Spegazzini Glacier where you’ll also feel in the midst of mountains of ice in the presence of glaciers Heim, Seco and Spegazzini whose walls boast record high between glaciers visited, reaching in some sectors of 125 meters.

Vacation Packages in El Calafate

Vacation Packages in El Calafate

According to the weather, the journey can be reversed.
After this fascinating tour you will not forget Patagonia. Fortunately, your photos or filming will say this vacation package in Calafate was not a dream …

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