El Calafate and glacier national park its history and legends

After being populated for thousands of years by the tehuelches indigenous, this area began to have value for Europe when he discovered its value for breeding sheep, due to the high value of the global wool and large tracts that this type of livestock needed.
In the early twentieth century, in these parts could only be found stays isolated, many miles distant from each other, and all had access to the port of Rio Gallegos to ship their products to Europe.
Perito Moreno GlacierSo the need arises, designate hostels along the way, to feed and rest, because this distance of just 300 kms to Rio Gallegos travel today in a few hours, in those times were delayed several days to go through it.
The rooms they occupied the area now encompasses Glacier National Park and its surroundings, made his first stop here, taking advantage of the hesitation that gave them large Calafate bushes along the precarious arroyo.Entonces were installed general stores , hotels step repair workshops. Over time the area was populated more and more, reaching a population of about 300 inhabitants.
Around 1950 the price of wool dropped considerably worldwide, the rooms leave livestock and activity in this area practically disappears, until the arrival of the National Parks Administration, which installs in El Calafate their offices and all the infrastructure necessary for the filing of its staff.

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