Tulips in Patagonia Argentina

Tulipans in Patagonia ArgentinaIn October the city of Trevelin wears colors when the tulips bloom. Growing them has become a major tourist attraction for the town each year invites tourists to appreciate more palatable beautiful tulips. In early May planting bulbs it is done and during the October round flowering plants, providing a unique spectacle full of colors the valley. Trevelin is a town located in Argentina’s Patagonia region, in the Futaleufu department of the province of Chubut. Since 1997 they are grown in Trevelin tulip bulbs from the initiative of a local producer who decided to go for this type of non-traditional entrepreneurship in the region. Due to favorable climate and soil conditions, the results were very encouraging from the beginning. The city currently exports tulips and much of the world is destined to Holland. In early May planting bulbs it is done and during the October round flowering plants, providing a unique spectacle full of colors the valley. They can preferably be seen in the second month Quicena, why they are associated with the celebration of Mother’s Day. After flowering, cut flowers for the plant to concentrate its growth in the bulb. These are harvested, sorted by size and variety, they undergo a severe process plant and are able to be packaged for marketing in the domestic and international floriculture market.

The Trevelin city

Trevelin city offers many activities where you can learn the history, flora, fauna and geography of the region. They can be made for most of the year booking a tour in 4×4 vehicles in Patagonia, horseback riding and mountain biking, among others, with no restrictions on age, health, physical and / or previous experience. Among the places you can visit is the Futaleufú Hydroelectric Complex and the International Pass. It is a journey of six hours in which you can see an engineering feat of great magnitude, the beauty of the native flora found in the Patagonian Andean Forest and after the border crossing you can visit the neighboring Chilean town of Futaleufu . Mountain Refuge and Hostel Wilson, which has a maximum capacity of 48 people, is located in the wooded slopes of Situación, just 7 km from the urban area of ​​Trevelin. During the summer months (until approximately April) you can reach the refuge in conventional vehicles; while in winter only be reached by ATV or horseback. On site you can enjoy several recreational activities like trekking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, sledding, etc., and it is possible to enjoy evening shows during the summer weekends. Another possible excursion is Baguilt lake, a beautiful mountain lake that has been declared a Natural Reserve Tourism. The same is located at the foot of the Conical Hill, border Argentina-Chile, from whose lower glacier waters that feed it. Being over 1000 meters, it has flora and fauna not found in other lakes Trevelin and Los Alerces National Park. To get there you must travel 22 km from Trevelin, by which pass through 18 km of bumpy road on National Route 259. It is therefore recommended to go in 4×4 vehicles, mountain biking, trekking and horseback riding. Due to the natural wealth of the area and its extreme fragility, all recreational activities must be accompanied by a guide. Thus, you can do bird watching, hiking, horseback riding and climbing, among others. The Ride of «The Rifles» by one day. set in one of the most spectacular Trevelin open to the practice of this activity circuits. On the way the footsteps of the Welsh pioneers who discovered and colonized the valley and enjoy the different scenery offered the subantarctic ecotone-forest plateau followed. Finally, we can go to the quiet island, located in the Futaleufu River about 30 minutes by boat. This island, 3 hectares of forest area completely and only limited access to their clients, can be used as a haven for fishermen or hikers board. But it is also a place of lush beauty and away from noise and crowds, ideal for rest of the routine of the city. It is recommended to make reservations in advance for the high demand is the place, mainly in the summer

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