Tours in the Glacier National Park

Perito Moreno Glacier National Park

From El Calafate to Perito Moreno there is a distance of 80 km, by paved road almost entirely.
Since the beginning the trip will have plenty of surprises to the passengers. Leaving the City, to the right we can see the Lago Argentino with Round Bay.
There you can see a variety of important birdlife, highlighting the black-necked swan, flamingo, duck steamed, coot and geese. In this excursion it highlights the yellow field, this is due to their pasture called coirón, and among them stands the white coirón pony.

Glacier National Park tours

In the first 40 km it crosses the Patagonian steppe, later moving to the entrance of the National Park to observe the tree line belonging mostly family «notofagus» (ñires, cherry, beech) and one or cinnamon, and flowers of different colors, among which stands out for its colorful notro deep red corresponding to the same Andean Patagonian forest.
Tours to Perito Moreno GlacierOnce on the glacier, we see the majesty that hits the eye of the traveler, and parts of wonder we glide through the steps or walkways to get different views of the glacier front.
Here we wish to stress upon the respect we must have for signage that has this part of the park, and walk the runway at all times without breaking them.
The rangers are responsible for preserving the beauty of the place and fulfill an important task as informants.
The trip can be done through regular services or private services with the Travel Agency 01Argentina.
Sevices inside the National Park. There two restaurants, a snack bar, restrooms and camping located 7 km from the viewpoint of the glacier and a campsite to stay daytime.

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