Catwalks of Perito Moreno Glacier

The sector gateways can admire the front of the Perito Moreno glacier and closely witness the fall of ice blocks, just thirty kilometers from the entrance of Glacier National Park.

The first viewpoint of the Perito Moreno glacier, is located just 85 kilometers from downtown El Calafate, within Los Glaciares National Park.

Skirting the Rico Arm of Lake Argentino and transit through the beech forest, ciruelillos, shipwrights and larches that beautify the road, over thirty kilometers from the entrance of the protected area to the area of walkways.

Before reaching the first balcony, the plate of the declaration of World Heritage granted by UNESCO in 1981. And later, two informative lecterns on the glacier processes and the formation of Perito Moreno in particular is observed.

Each viewpoint offers a new perspective. Since entering the gateway area, four meters down to the, the closest to the front of the glacier lower balcony. Fatigue trekking on the ice was beginning to feel, so I accepted the advice of the guide always address the right, downstairs, to get some rest. The intermediate balcony is the best place to see the northern sector of the glacier with a very good view of the Icebergs channel and to the left of this viewpoint is the second balcony, well in front of the glacier.

This glacier is surprising. Born, like the other twelve Patagonian glaciers in the ice field located west of the province of Santa Cruz. With fourteen thousand square kilometers, this vast area represents the world’s third largest after Antarctica and Greenland, and is the catchment area of glaciers in Chile and Argentina.

The tongues of ice falling to the east, entering the province of Santa Cruz, by Lake Viedma, in the north of the National Park, home to Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. Upsala, the Speghazzini and Onelli, among other glaciers descend north arm of Lake Argentino. These formations are based on the foundation of rock and end up in a lake, a feature called glaciers Calvin.

While the biggest glaciers in the park are the Viedma and the Upsala, Perito Moreno is a glacier of great extension located only two hundred meters above sea level, which enables access to the same front easily, not like the other glaciers are accessed after a long trekking or sailing.

The Perito Moreno is the only glacier that remains in equilibrium, ie, the entire mass of ice that receives its supply basin in winter, gradually lost on his forehead during the summer.

Almost at hand, a strange set of dimensions and perception to the senses. At times, peaceful, still, freezing the atmosphere and time. Occasionally, a whisper, a roar that grows from the bottom, and suddenly … the solid wall of ice seventy meters succumbs to the pressure, it follows and collapses, broken off noisily. And it stays there, leaning against the railing, stunned and breathless, waiting for a new release.

Time passes and I can not stop staring at him, trying to guess where the next fall. It is useless, your majesty overwhelms and catches without predicting it.

As calafateños proudly announce, the Perito Moreno glacier is well earned eighth place in the world’s wonders.

Difficulty level: Low.
Tips: There are shuttle services from El Calafate to the park daily frequency. Bring plenty of film and a small lunch box for a picnic nearby.

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