National Day of Trekking

National Day of Trekking The town of El Chalten in somewhere of Patagonia region of Argentina each March is prepared for a new edition of the National Festival Trekking, an event that brings athletic events and cultural shows. In 2014 was held on 2 and 3 March and trail running, the challenge of the shelters and Lake Desert marathon at 42 and 21 kilometers were made. The Feast commemorates Argentina’s first attempt to conquer Mount Fitz Roy, 18 March 1948. In addition, El Chalten has been named as the «Provincial Capital of Trekking» in 1993 and this is the right place for this festival. chaltenIn each edition the presence of visitors and competitors from Argentina and neighboring countries for more sports events organizers expect: Race and the Challenge Trekkaton. In this celebration of outdoor activities, sports practices and skills are prioritized physical carried out within the area of Glacier National Park by the various trekking trails and around town. In addition there are recreation and climbing Top Rop for all age safely in the vicinity of the Stable Sports Ground. Contest Hacheros is made and you can enjoy the ride of Artisans in the sports community, evenings of tango shows, Latin American folklore and national election Queen trekking. Also performing will be the «Descent from the Tower» which consists of 11km mountain trails with a vertical drop of 200 meters. Most travel is declining but it contains some slopes. The Challenge of the Retreats is an endurance cross country type including Chuck zip line on Fitz Roy river. For more information or entered in the different competitions contact the Tourist Development Commission of El Chalten to phone (02962) 493270 . In the case you need to book accommodation, domestic airfares and other tours you can contact the travel agency 01Argentina from this link: CONTACT US

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