The Bar Glacio a place where travelers from around the world meet

Glacio BarEl Calafate became the only place in Argentina that possesses an ice bar . In a private ceremony reserved for few people , Glacio Bar opened.
Glaciarium in the basement – Ice Museum worked for months to shape this space , a huge cold room of about 70 square meters, which is acclimated walls with bricks or blocks of ice.
The ice bar running at 10 degrees below zero . Enjoy the varied taste and cold drinks , including one based liquor Calafate, the proposals of the enclosure is the way to Perito Moreno.Un ice bar, and yes, it looks like a European or other cold and distant land eccentricity. Barcelona , Madrid and Stockholm , to name a few destinations to its credit icy hold bars.
El Calafate is the first bar designed with glacier ice . Is the way to Perito Moreno , about 6 kilometers from the town and works in Glaciarium , Patagonian Ice Museum , looking unbeatable for ecstasy Lake Argentino site .
Those who plan to go on vacation to El Calafate, and why not the curious, want more specifications. So below are the details.
It opened in September 2011.
For this to happen twelve people worked for nine months. An important fact to point out is that it works on a permanent basis and will not melt during the heating season , as often happens with other tourist buildings ice that is in the world.
The ambient temperature is 10 degrees below zero. For chic clothing that is , there are not many opportunities to wear it as income deliver a coat, gloves and boots.
However Recommend concur with warm clothes. Walls , glasses, bar and chairs, all made with glacier ice , a feature that makes it unique ( similar bars are no glaciers ) . While the experience of being in a cold site is shocking , is fleeting time : from the cold you can stay longer than 20 minutes .
The menu includes white spirits and liqueurs. The spirits need to temper the soul and body. However, the recommendation is to try the new drink » Calafate » .
It was devised by Fernet Branca ( brand involved in the venture ) Hand recognized bartender John Luciani for the inauguration .
The classic Fernet , Amaretto, Pineapple Juice and Liqueur Calafate , mixed in a shaker for a tasty result in honor of this landmark
Glaciarium can be visited every day from 10 to 22 and general admission is $ 80 . It is a modern area dedicated to the dissemination of the Patagonian ice and glaciers . Thus, it is one of the few centers in the world glaciological interpretation . He joined this year’s tourist circuit of El Calafate , generating another attraction for the more than 330,000 annual visitors to the area.
The museum is also a place for entertainment dedicated to the dissemination and glaciological research topic related to the Glacier National Park, where also a message of environmental awareness is provided . Each person who travels , and enters their fields , not only viewer feels an attractive proposition but also a problem.
Its creators say it is the only museum of its kind in Latin America. Two pavilions house the sample using the most modern resources of museology and the third pavilion consists of an auditorium / cinema, where a 3D movie in the area and other films in the region is projected.
The architecture proposes a symbolic , expressive and forceful image . Modern lines refer to the glacier aesthetics.
A place not to miss if you travel to El Calafate

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