Typical food of El Calafate, Argentina

Food Calafate

The gastronomy of El Calafate  is a magical fusion of elements that make incomparable and indescribable flavors that fall in love with your most sensitive senses.
El Calafate, as much of Argentina, is a region that is influenced by great cultures, which also traditions the Mapuches, natives who inhabited the area, have combined to achieve what is one of the most exquisite cuisines of the Patagonia region. His dishes are as varied and exquisite, among which we can mention the preparations of wild boar and trout with ingredients such as mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries, local herbs and fruit tree Calafate. As in all of Patagonia Patagonian trout and lamb, they are one of the main dishes. Patagonian lamb, is a baby lamb or roast can be cooked on the grill and served with the traditional chimichurri sauce, pureed leeks and delicious side dish of sauteed vegetables. The Patagonian trout on the contrary, is prepared with a mixture of spinach, onions, mushrooms and blue cheese that is used as a filling for trout. The region usually accompany main courses with traditional sauerkraut, a European dish of sausages and pork. Also very traditional cold cuts, cheeses and delicious goat and cow. Another delicious dish is the lamb with mint, which is cooked in the oven and seasoned with delicious mint sauce and red wine; Trout en papillote, which is filled with pieces of tomato and bacon cooked in the oven. Another of the delights that can be enjoyed in El Calafate is the * Andean rabbit *, whose flesh is passed by flour and fried in pan bathed in a delicate tomato sauce, orange zest and white wine, and served accompanied by potatoes sprinkled with ground almonds.

In order to fully enjoy the exquisite cuisine of El Calafate, you should also try their delicious desserts like red fruit crumble with ice cream, exquisite pay based blackberries, currants, raspberries and blackberries served with ice cream. You can also enjoy the delicious fresh rose hips, which is prepared based on the flower of the same name with sugar. Also chocolates filled with caramel and homemade cakes and jams are ideal to sweeten any palate.

Accompany a dish with a good red wine or microbrews * famous * from barley, malt and hops, are excellent choices and a tradition you can not miss.

In El Calafate there are a variety of restaurants and different specialties, among which you will find pizzerias, grills and teahouses. The restaurant * The Tabilita *, which will conquer with specialties such as Patagonian lamb; and * * Cambalache restaurant offering a wide selection of Argentinean dishes and pizzas.

What you have to try on El Calafate

Breeding Patagonian lamb roast or lamb is cooked on the grill. You can enjoy the delicious chimichurri sauce, sauteed leeks and mashed vegetables.

Delicious mint lamb baked lamb cooked and seasoned with delicious mint sauce and red wine.

Truta Delicious trout papillote filled with tomato slices and bacon cooked in the oven.

Typical twelve rosehip sweet made from rose hips with sugar.

Com vermelhas fruit crumble dessert made sorvete Sweet blackberries, currants, raspberries and blackberries served with ice cream.

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