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Contemplating the glacier from the walkways

The footbridge sector allows you to admire the front of the Perito Moreno glacier and witness the fall of the ice blocks, just thirty kilometers from the entrance of the Los Glaciares National Park.
He walked down the steps in silence, expectant to reach the first viewpoint of the Perito Moreno glacier, only 85 kilometers from the center of El Calafate, within the Los Glaciares National Park.

We had already bordered the Rico Arm of Lake Argentino and traveled through the forest of lengas, ciruelillos, calafates and larches that embellish the road, along thirty kilometers from the entrance of the protected area to the sector of footbridges.

But the front of the Perito Moreno Glacier was waiting for me. He knew that he had closed the passage between the channel of the Icebergs and the Rich Arm, increasing the flow of the latter at a rate of five centimeters per day. He also imagined that, if the natural dam was maintained all summer, a new break could occur, as it was in 1984 for the last time. Every so often I heard him break, roar like an incredible living mole.

Navigation to see Perito Moreno

In the bay called Under the Shadows is a catamaran waiting to get as close as possible to the walls of the Perito Moreno glacier. A walk suitable for all audiences.
The Perito Moreno glacier is a beauty that always impacts and the possibilities to enjoy it are several. They range from professional trekking or for beginners who can walk on ice floes and even learn to do sports climbing on some of their walls, even walks where contemplation of the glacier is the prize itself.

So we decided to make the excursion called Safari Náutico, which allows a catamaran to live the sensation of being almost next to the large mass of white ice. You can see its colors, cracks and even some of its splitting ruptures.

On board one of the catamarans of the company Ice and Adventure, we sail through the rich arm of Lake Argentino to get closer and admire the true dimension of the ice walls.

Big Ice

The big ice excursion is a more way to know and admirate the perito moreno glacier. Imperdible for the adventurers.
There are more and more activities that allow us to get closer to the Perito Moreno glacier. The Big Ice excursion proposes to travel and enter the fantastic ice mole, an option only suitable for the more adventurous and, obviously, for those who are in good physical condition, since it implies a long walk by the ice and several pedreros, besides the handling Of harnesses.

As in the classic versions, the «Bajo de las sombras» port starts early in the morning on a boat that crosses the rich arm of Lake Argentino. After 15 minutes of navigation you will arrive at the opposite coast, where the mountain guides accompany the group to the place where the crampons will be selected. At this point you begin a walk to approach the glacier in the southern brunette sector until you reach a spectacular viewpoint, gateway to the ice.

Road to the youngest village, El Chaltén

Only 220 kilometers separates El Calafate from this village, a paradise for trekking lovers and mountain climbers who challenge Mount Fitz Roy or Torre.
As every day, transportation services depart early to El Chaltén and in the bus terminal of El Calafate there were already several backpackers and foreign tourists.

Thanks to the international airport, Mount Fitz Roy, the Tower and the Perito Moreno Glacier are within easy reach and are listed as the most precious destinations in Patagonia.

We had to travel about 220 kilometers to get to El Chaltén. We left Provincial Route 11 and then turned off for National Route 40. At Kilometer 90, the bus stopped at the Parador Luz Divina, where we went down to have a coffee and try the homemade cake made by Raúl. At noon there are good home-cooked meals or a Creole barbecue for the travelers, even lodging for those who arrive very tired.

Traveling in time in the caves of Walichu

Close to the city of El Calafate, the historic Walichu caves hide unique secrets. A place to meet and get carried away
There are innumerable activities that can be done in the city of El Calafate and its surroundings, but certainly visit the caves of Walichu is one that can not miss in the list of excursions of any visitor. There we go today.

We left the city taking provincial route 11 until we found a sign, on the side of Lake Argentino, which indicated the entrance to the caves.

As we entered the caves, on foot, we were plunging into a world far away in time, but still present.

We toured a path that was specially built so that visitors could discover the wonders that man and nature left thousands of years ago.
One day at the estancia Cristina
It is a different excursion where you look at it: you sail through the ice, a trekking takes us up to the Upsala glacier and, finally, we know one of the most beautiful stays in Patagonia.

Estancia Cristina, the pleasure is assured.

We had heard a lot about the famous estancia Cristina and, indeed, it was an excursion that we had as a priority and none of those present wanted to get lost. According to what we were told, it is a navigation through Lake Argentino that finally disembarks in the estancia (which is reached only by lacustrine route). During the trip we approach giant ice floes that are adrift while watching them from a luxurious catamaran.

People looking for a place surrounded by forests, lakes and imposing glaciers for rural tourism have the possibility of getting to know one of the most symbolic establishments in the southern region, very close to El Calafate: the estancia Cristina.

Its privileged location offers the best land access to the Upsala glacier and the continental ice, making it a unique paradise in the world. Visitors can opt for one day or two full day programs to get to know this wonderful place, as it provides the opportunity to stay overnight.

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