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Located in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, the Torres del Paine National Park was declared a «Biosphere Reserve» by UNESCO in 1978. Its unique geography makes him one of the places of tourist interest in the southern hemisphere and one of the most recognized worldwide for its extraordinary natural beauty and varied Parks.
Ideal for nature lovers, the Torres del Paine National Park is characterized by its rich fauna and a unique geography, which makes it an ideal place for ecotourism and adventure sports site, and for all those who enjoy the thrill to experience the closeness to territories unexplored by man.
Every year more and more people who visit us, which is why we recommend you plan your trip well in advance and ensure space in both shelters and campsites. You can make your reservation directly through our online system, send us an email or complete the form located on the site.
On our website you will find the necessary distance information, description of routes, accommodation and proposed W Circuit, the idea is to enjoy to the fullest and do not bring excess charge in your backpack, in shelters can find food services and accommodation.

Trekking in Torres del Paine

Trekking is the ideal way to travel and learn about the Torres del Paine National Park instance. Know more about the sport and follow the advice we prepared for you below.
The trekking can be practiced throughout the year Torres del Paine; mountain huts Fantastic South have available information and maps of various routes.

Recommendations for trekking:

• Estimate the time and distance before starting the tour.
• Leave early to walk before 9:00 am to get up early the next shelter, with time to relax and enjoy the scenery.
• Define the following refuge to which they come to rest. (see map)
• Be guided with a map of the trail and observe the routes and signs to the park.
• Bring in a bag or backpack, enough food and water for travel (recommended at least 2 lt. Of water per day per person). The water park is safe, and there are many tributaries on the trails, where you can fill bottles. South fantastic offers bottled drinking water for tourists.
• Maintain a rate hike according to the physical capabilities of each, rest and drink water at least five minutes every hour hike.
• Be alert to changes in the weather.
• equipped with appropriate and comfortable clothing that allows scrolling.


Patagonia is famous for weather changes, sometimes the «four seasons» in 1 single day. Therefore we suggest you bring:
• Hat.
• Sunglasses, sunscreen of at least factor 45, and lip balm.
• fleece jackets, coats windbreaker or Gore-tex, which protect from rain to repel water.
• T-shirts fast drying, which helps perspiration to evaporate and cool the body not as well as being lighter.
• T-Shirts / Shorts.
• Sandals for crossing creeks and rest in some shelters can not enter with shoes.
• Gloves, trekking trousers and shorts covering.
• Water bottle.
• Hiking shoes or mountain, ideally-high boots to prevent ankle sprains; and socks appropriate. Not bring new shoes as it is very likely that the feet are damaged.

Please note the following:

• It is recommended not to bring computers (lap tops) to the park, because there is no Internet connection.
• The park does not have ATMs so it is best to bring cash and / or credit card.
• Smoking is not allowed inside the shelters, so ashtrays are available outside each. It is not recommended to smoke in the park because of the danger of fire.
• Do not bring your pet because it is not allowed entry into the Torres del Paine National Park to protect the native fauna.
• You are not allowed to use electrical appliances, high consumption, such as a hairdryer, as we produce renewable energy that is used for the operation of shelters.

Best time to travel

You can visit the Chilean Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park throughout the year, we invite you to the various options offered during different times.

Spring (September to November)
It enjoys a summer-like weather, with the difference that the park is not as busy by visitors. Is the date on which start blooming delicate flowers of Patagonia and when animals are in breeding season, so it is one of the most beautiful times of the Park.

Summer (December to March)
The summer is definitely the one that attracts most visitors to Torres del Paine National Park. A special period where flora and fauna are mixed with the landscape of the massif and its varied colors. During the summer it is possible to perform many activities such as mountain trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Autumn (March to June)
The autumnal landscape of Torres del Paine National Park starts to become red and the vegetation takes on a unique and beautiful yellow. Autumn is a period where rest becomes much more gratifying, as fewer visitors come to the park. Ideal for those looking to relax in the peace that gives Torres del Paine and like photography.

Winter (June to August)
Unlike the rest of the year, in winter most shelters closed because of unstable and cold weather. However, for many, winter is the favorite season, calmer, sunny days, with almost no visitors, even sometimes wears a beautiful white blanket due to snowfall … The perfect time to enjoy the magic of Paine!

Location Torres del Paine

The Torres del Paine National Park is located in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Patagonia, 400 km northwest of Punta Arenas and 112 km northwest of Puerto Natales.
• Geographical coordinates: between parallels 50º45 ‘and 51º20’ south latitude and between 72º31 ‘and 73º22’ west longitude.
• Area: 227,298 hectares

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